IEC in the Context of Swachh Bharat Mission:A key strategy under SBM (Urban) is Information, Education, Communication (IEC) and Behaviour Change Communication(BCC) to ensure that sanitation as an issue is mainstreamed with the general public at large and should cover issues of open defecation, prevention of manual scavenging, hygiene practices, proper use and maintenance of toilet facilities (household, community or otherwise), etc., and its related health and environmental consequences.


• As per the Swachh Bharat Mission Guidelines, Annual IEC plan needs to be prepared and shared by ULBs with Housing and Urban Development Department, Govt of Odisha for necessary action.

• 6% of the total cost would be spent on IEC activities by ULBs. However ULB can undertake IEC activities other than approved IEC plan\budget by mobilising resources from different sources.

• Under no circumstance IEC fund would be utilized for purchase of vehicles, construction and maintenance of buildings, creation of posts and payment of salary, and purchase of furniture and fixtures.

• If any prototype or design of any leaflets, brochures, posters, wall painting etc. is prepared by ULBs, that must be sent to the Department for approval. In no circumstances ULB will use any material developed by them without the approval of the Department.

• ULBs need to share Reports in the word format and Photographs (preferably in the JPEG) format to the Department for necessary action at this end.

• ULB has to take necessary measures to make IEC activities more contextual.

• Local language may be used for disseminating information through street plays, wall paintings, Hoardings etc. For example: Since Santali is widely spoken language in many parts of Mayurbhanj, Santali language may be taken in to consideration while disseminating information on the programme\Theme.

• Efforts should be made to make optimum utilisation of Resources and avoid duplication. Programme of similar nature should be planned out jointly in consultation with other line departments for the purpose.

• IEC activities needs to aim at larger community participation involving Community based organisations, SHG groups, Arogya Samitis, NGOs and other like-minded organisations.

• ULB may undertake activities such as Focus Group Discussions, Sensitisation meetings, Rallies, Quiz Competition among women and Children, Service providers, Wall Paintings, Hoardings, Street Plays, Exhibitions, observation of designated days, Workshops, Special campaign etc. under IEC\BCC ( the list is indicative only).

• Template shared by the Department needs to be followed up properly. Activity Plan and Accomplishment format needs to be meticulously maintained at the ULB level. ( Three formats\template : Action Plan for the year, Activity Plan ( before the commencement of the programme) and Accomplishment Report( after completion of the programme)

• In case of hoardings and wall painting, efforts should be made to make the IEC materials more pictorial for the pockets where there is high prevalence of illiterate people.

• Last but the least, Govt of India is making modifications on the approach and strategy of many programmes including IEC, hence Department may revise the strategy and activities accordingly. In this regard separate instruction would be made to respective ULBs as per the requirement.